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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Report of the Lutheran Council in Canada

The Lutheran Council in Canada (LCIC) is an agency through which Lutheran church bodies in Canada are able to work together in matters of common interest and responsibility. Participation in the council is either as a member or an observer. There are two churches which currently hold member status. They are the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) and Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC). No churches hold observer status.

Four representatives from each of the member churches serve as members of the council. They are as follows:

Lutheran Church–Canada Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Rev Ralph Mayan, President
Rev Donald Schiemann
Mr Allan Webster, Treasurer
Mrs Eloise Schaan.
Bishop Raymond Schultz, Vice-President
Rev Leon Gilbertsen, Secretary
Rev Heather Kleiner
Ms Judy Baribeau

Present work being done by the council centres in the following areas.

Canadian Forces Chaplaincy

Rev Dr Barton Beglo serves as the council liaison responsible for military chaplaincies.

There are six regular forces chaplains: Lt.-Col. S. G. Johnstone (ELCIC), Capt. G. A. Barr (ELCIC) Capt. B.A. Busch (ELCIC), Capt. R.K. Deobald (ELCIC), Capt. K.E. Klein (LCC), Capt. Robert Bouchard (ELCIC) and Lieut. (N) L.M. Grauer. (ELCIC).

The following serve as reserve chaplains: Capt. R.F. Buck (LCC), Maj. C.S. Cooley (LCC) Capt. J.R. Estes (LCC), Capt. T.W. Guthrie, (ELCIC), and Capt. R.A. Lewis(LCC)

Canadian Correctional Chaplaincy Service

Rev Dr. Garry Dombrowsky serves as council liaison to the Interfaith Committee on Chaplaincy in the Correctional Service. We are also pleased to report that Rev Terry Richardson, a Lutheran correctional chaplain from the Ontario Region, was appointed in 2002 to serve as the first Lutheran Director General of Chaplaincy.

The following clergy serve in correctional institutions:
Pacific Region: Robert Byhre, Fred Gehrs, Marvin Goertz, J. David Lefsrud, Edward MacKinley, and Terrance Martin.
Ontario Region: Franklin Andrews, Terry Richardson and Bruce Schenk.


The Lutheran Council in Canada continues to make materials available from these two organizations and is involved in the distribution of two badges and awards, the Pro Deo et Patria Award badge and the Lamb Award. Rev Michael Diegel of Russell, Manitoba serves as the LCIC representative for Scouting.

Lutheran Directory

The Lutheran Directory listing all Lutheran congregations, institutions and pastors in Canada whether associated with LCIC or not continues to be prepared annually through the council. We are most thankful for the work of Rev Leon Gilbertson who continues to serve as editor for the directory. The council is presently exploring the possibility of placing the Lutheran Directory on the Internet. A decision on the matter will be made at the 2003 annual meeting.

Lutheran Council in Canada serves its member churches without paid staff. All liaison persons are volunteers. They together with the staff of the two member church bodies and the eight councillors do the work of the council. Each member church body contributes $2,500 toward the operation of the council.

Respectively submitted,

Ralph Mayan, president
Lutheran Council in Canada

In full communion with The Anglican Church of Canada
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