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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Roland E. Ziprick

Member of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Prince George, BC

Past Experiences or Positions:

BC Synod Council, clergy member-at-large (1998-2002); Dean-Peace River Conference, BC Synod (Sept. 2001-present); Appointed acting dean of same conference ( Mar. 2001-Sept. 2001); Parish Life Committee, Sask. Synod-ELCIC (1993-1994)

Strengths and Gifts:

I would like to think that I have a bit of a "global" experience to bring to this position, in that I have lived in all four western provinces. As a representative of the BC Synod, I would still be able to relate to the other areas/provinces of this country. As a lay person I worshipped and served in various capacities in a wide variety of congregations in those provinces. Professionally, although my call resides in the BC Synod, I have served a congregation in the Sask. Synod and interned in the Alberta Synod, as well as having served at the synodical level in two synods.

Issues of Particular Interest:

Because I am the dean of a "northern" conference that has few congregations over a wide territory, I am mindful of the support that is needed for congregations, clergy and lay people in such areas. Recent experience has shown me that clergy need better access to continuing education opportunities and lay people need the resources and training for leadership in their congregations and they are looking to the church for such leadership. I think we need to explore effective ways of educating and training people to do ministry, working in partnership with the clergy of their congregation and/or conference.

Concerns and Hopes for the Future of the ELCIC

My perspective of concern comes from being a parish pastor and my hope would be that the ELCIC, as a National Church, has a greater place in the consciousness of the people in the pew. Sometimes the National Church seems to far removed from theparishioner in a pew (through no fault of anyone) and if there was a way of bringing it closer to the heart, connecting it with that person… A colleague of mine once said, "Preach grace, grace, grace." My hope would be that the church could at all times and in all places, communicate grace and be gracious. In a church that is spread over a country of this size, with a variety of faith experiences and perspectives, there is a great divergence of opinions on all kinds of issues. We will never agree 100% of the time, but … grace, grace, grace." It’s like the word "patience," easy to say, not so easy to live.

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