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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song

Carl V. Sorensen

Member of Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church, Edmonton AB

Past Experiences or Positions:

Member and secretary, Board of Regents, Augustana University College; Member and chair, Board of Directors, Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation; Member, Western Canada Synod (LCA) Canadian Missions Committee; Member and chair, Church Council, Augustana Lutheran Church

Strengths and Gifts:

Facilitative skills; Strategic and analytical skills; Communication skills; Willingness to challenge.

Issues of Particular Interest:

The church needs to think about how to preach the gospel in a non-judgmental way. The church needs to rediscover the meaning of "love your neighbour." The church needs to find a more effective way to communicate its message.

Concerns and Hopes for the Future of the ELCIC

That it find a way to remain relevant to our society; That the people of the church be less judgmental; That the church break out of old traditions and forms which no longer serve a useful purpose.

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