Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
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Ninth Biennial Convention
Augustana University College, Cambros AB
June 12 - 15, 2003

Sing to the Lord a New Song


Board of Directors
Janet Morley,
Rebekah Eckert,
Anne Strand
ELCIC Group Services, Inc.
Board of Directors
John Wolff,
Kurt Von Schilling,
Yvonne Myrehaug,
Bradford Senften,
Walter Schultz,
Ken Hanssen,
David MacIntosh
Lutheran Theological Seminary
Board of Directors
Carol O'Byrne,
Jeff Pym
Waterloo Lutheran Seminary
Board of Directors
Mark Wagschal,
Brian Koivu
ELCIC Representative to
the Anglican Council of General Synods
Mark Harris
Joint Anglican Lutheran Commission Bishop Michael Pryse,
Cam Harder,
Ilze Kuplens-Ewart,
Sharon Villetard,
Cynthia Halmarson (2001-2003),
Paul Johnson (2003)
Anglican Church of Canada
Council of Indigenous People
Frank Armistead
Volunteer Secretary,
Donald Storch
National Church Council vacancies Judy Verge,
Norman Thompson
LWF Regional Office
for North America Committee (NARC)
Judy Baribeau,
Paul Johnson (2003)
Canadian Council of Churches
Governing Board
Cynthia Halmarson (resigned Sept 2002),
Paul Johnson
Canadian Council of Churches,
Commission on Faith and Witness
Richard Crossman,
Elizabeth Wagschal
Canadian Council of Churches,
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Writing Team
Dawn Hutchings
Canadian Council of Churches,
National Christian Muslim Liaison Committee
Volker Greifenhagen
Canadian Council of Churches,
Ecumenical Health Care Network
David Pfrimmer
Canadian Council of Churches,
Biotechnology Reference Group
Richard Crossman
Canadian Council of Churches,
Canadian Christian Jewish Consultation
Timothy Hegedus

Calls Issued by NCC

Cynthia Halmarson Assistant to the National Bishop (resigned Sept 2002)
Arthur Leichnitz Assembly Coordinator, Lutheran World Federation
Terry Richardson Director General, Chaplaincy, Correctional Services Canada
Paul Johnson Assistant to the National Bishop, Ecumenical Affairs
Elaine Sauer Assistant to the National Bishop, Synodical Affairs
Lenora Grauer Hanger Line Chaplain, 17 Wing Winnipeg (Navy)
Robert Bouchard Base Chaplain, Land Force Central Area Training Centre, Meaford, ON
In full communion with The Anglican Church of Canada
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