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Eighth Biennial Convention
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario
July 4-8, 2001

Report of the National Church Council

E. Miscellaneous

At the 1999 ELCIC convention, the following motion was approved:

NC-99-30 "That the question, 'We request a definitive answer from the national church regarding whether everyone goes too heaven is contrary to the Confessions of the Church' be referred to the Court of Adjudication."

Appendix 18 is a report from the ELCIC Court of Adjudication in response to the question raised in NC-99-30.

This report is provided for information with no action recommended. We anticipate that a member of the Court of Adjudication will be present at the convention to speak to this matter should questions arise.

A policy on corporate sponsorship was developed and approved by NCC. The policy is attached as Appendix 19.


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