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Eighth Biennial Convention
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario
July 4 - 8, 2001

Seventh Sitting
Friday, July 6, 2001, 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

The Chaplain Rev Val Hennig opened the session with devotions.

Report of the Committee on Registration and Credentials

Rev Darlene Harrison presented the following report of the committee:

Lay delegates registered 190
Ordained delegates registered 175
Total delegates registered 365
Visitors 187
Total persons registered 552

Report of the Committee on Elections

Chairperson Rev Marty Tuer reported the following results on behalf of the committee:


Position #2

ABT Ordained

Gordon Jensen 235
Julie Wehrfritz–Hanson 95
Ballots cast 330
Needed to elect 166

Gordon Jensen was declared elected for this position.

NC-01-36 MS That the ballots from the elections for Secretary, for National Church Council, the ELCIC Group Services Inc. Board of Directors and the Court of Adjudication be destroyed.


Reading of the Budget

Treasurer Doreen Lecuyer presented the 2002 Budget for reading.

NC-01-37 MS That the 2002 budget be approved as presented.

MS That the budget be amended to change the following figures:

National Church Council increase to $152,000

Stewardship decrease to $60,000




Secretary Robert Granke introduced President Angel Furlan and Mr Roberto Stein of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina. President Furlan addressed the convention with Rev Greg Kiel translating from Spanish to English.

A Companion Synod covenant was signed between the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina and the Saskatchewan Synod of the ELCIC. Gifts of word, water and wine were exchanged between President Angel Furlan and Bishop Allan Grundahl.

Report of the National Church Council cont'd

NC-01-38 MS That the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada record its thanks to the Evangelical Lutheran Women (ELW) for its sustained and generous support and contributions to the overall life of our church.


Report of the Evangelical Lutheran Women

President Ms Lindy Wozniak and Executive Director Ruth Vince presented the report of ELW.


Retiring National Bishop Telmor Sartison was warmly recognized by the convention with a number of standing ovations. He was thanked by the Officers of the ELCIC. As well, Rev Gordon Hanson reflected on the National Bishop's ministry. Gifts were presented on behalf of the church. National Bishop Telmor was joined in the celebration by his wife Adelene, sons Garth and Paul, and daughter–in–law Valerie From.

Report of the Committee on Elections

Chairperson Rev Marty Tuer presented the following report of the committee:

on the first ballot for Vice–President:

Total ballots cast 333
Spoiled ballots 21
Needed to elect 234

No election this ballot

The following votes were cast:

Dean Andersen 2
James Anderson 8
Judy Baribeau 1
Dan Binniv 1
Carla Blakely 1
Katherine Blaser 1
Larry Brotherton 1
Rasma Caune 1
Oscar Cole–Arnal 1
Xia Di (Esther) Deng 3
Calvin Diegel 1
Matthew Diegel 1
Don Engel 2
Jon Fogleman 2
Dorothy Frook 1
James Garey 1
Lois Grierson 1
Allan Grundahl 1
Cynthia Halmarson 19
James Halmarson 1
Judy Harris 1
Mark Harris 1
Roger Haugen 1
Brian Heinrich 1
Alannah Hegedus 1
Jane Hennig 2
Val Hennig 1
Phil Hink 1
Vicky Huehn 1
William Huras 1
Lynne Hutchison 2
Gordon Jensen 2
Karl Johnson 1
Glen Johnson 1
Susan Johnson 86
Tim Johnson 1
Allan Jorgenson 2
Brian Keffer 1
Nancy Kelly 1
Robert Kelly 1
Roger Kingsley 6
Marge Knebel 9
Doug Kramer 1
Stephen Kristenson 6
Rod Kruger 4
Liz Kuglin–Alyea 1
Ron Leonard 1
Peter Lisinski 1
Joanna Malina 2
Ron Mayan 4
Eleanor McLeod 1
Janet Morley 40
Helmut Nactigall 2
Don Nevile 1
Roger Nostbakken 2
Andy Paulsen 1
David Pfrimmer 2
Michael Pryse 1
Jeff Pym 1
Paul Quist 2
Jim Rasmussen 1
Cliff Reinhardt 2
Vivian Roberts 2
Marlene Reguly 1
Michael Rodgers 1
Telmor Sartison 1
Elaine Sauer 1
Barrett Scheske 1
Gary Schenk 1
Sylvia Schmidt 2
Glenn Sellick 1
Bob Shantz 2
Marquise Sopher 3
Don Storch 1
Lissa Strasser 1
John Theiss 1
Maggie Theiss 1
Norman Thompson 2
Connor Truman 1
Martha Tuer 11
Krister Ulmanis 1
Sharon Villetard 2
Beth Wagschall 5
Julianna Wehrfritz–Hanson 3
Craig Wentland 1
Dale Wilcox 1
Steve Wildfang 11
David Winfield 1
Lindy Wozniak 1
Judy Wry 1
Anne Zimmerman 1


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