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Special Interest Forums

A large collection of e-mail lists has emerged on the Internet. A number are of potential interest to members of the ELCIC.

Book of Concord List

Gregory Singleton [e-mail] maintains the Book of Concord e-mail list, a moderated, systematic study of the Book of Concord. To subscribe, proceed with the message "subscribe boc-l firstname lastname" using this [e-mail] link.


The CANANG-L e-mail list is a forum in which is discussed the life and ministry of our sister church, the Anglican Church of Canada. The list offers a lovely window on the world of the church with which the ELCIC is experiencing a deepening and growing relationship. To subscribe, send the message "subscribe CANANG-L firstname lastname" using this [e-mail] link. A number of ELCIC people participate on this list. See also the acclaimed Anglicans Online web site.


The CATEC-L e-mail list is a forum for the discussion of all aspects of the catechumenate. Greg Singleton [e-mail] is the list-owner. To subscribe, use this [e-mail] link and place the words "SUBSCRIBE CATEC-L Firstname Lastname" in the body.


CSpice -- A Mailing List for Clergy Spouses is maintained by Roy Murphy, an Episcopalian "clergy spouse." To subscribe, proceed with the message "subscribe" using this [e-mail] link.

ELCIC Diaconal Ministry List

The ELCIC Diaconal Ministry List is a newly-created private e-mail list for ELCIC diaconal ministers and candidates. To subscribe send a note to list-owner Pam Harrington at amaple42@hotmail.com. The list serves as a forum for the discussion of all aspects of diaconal ministry from formation to practice.

ELC-Canada List

Were you aware there is an on-line forum for Canadian Lutherans which makes it possible to share experiences, to discuss items of interest and importance both in the national church and in the work of the church in the world, and to listen in on the ideas of others in the church? The ELC-Canada list was established by Daryle Niedermayer as such a place. Current members are clergy, lay, seminarians, and others who have an interest in the Lutheran church in Canada, and that interest is the only requirement for being on the list. It is a place of support in times of stress and change, a place of sharing of visions and concerns, a place where you are welcome to join in and share your views, or to watch and read the offerings of other members until you find a time when you want to comment.

As our host Great Plains Freenet is winding down operations, this group now also exists as a Yahoo group. If you wish to subscribe to the group without creating a yahoo ID, contact Mary Krieger and let her know.

To contact the current listowners use this [e-mail] link. To subscribe to the old ELC-Canada use this [e-mail] link. Type the single phrase "subscribe elc-canada firstname lastname" in the body of the note and hit "send." For example, the expression "subscribe elc-canada Ruth Jones" would place Ruth Jones on the ELC-Canada list.


ELCA-L is a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It welcomes participation from members of denominations with whom we are in ecumenical dialogue, members of other Lutheran bodies, and other interested parties. A number of ELCIC people participate on this list. The groups can be joined by visiting this site.


A nondenominational forum for the discussion of issues relevant to the study and planning of Christian worship. Discussion is encourgaed across a broad spectrum of ecclesiastical and liturgical opinion. Previous website.

Lutheran Office for Public Policy List

The ELCIC's LOPP List was created by the Lutheran Office for Public Policy as a quick and efficient way to help support the work of social justice ministries in the churches. The LOPP listserver is offered as a service for churches and ecumenical social justice organizations to post information that would be helpful to people working on these issues. Information may include media releases, short articles, urgent action requests, brief background papers, announcements of events and other related items. The LOPP List is not intended for discussion of issues. Other listservers exist for that purpose.

Preaching Lists

Lift Up Your Hearts

Many alternative preaching lists exist. Some of the longest-lived and most popular are listed in the E-mail Lists subsection to be found on the Helps for Leaders in Worship & Spirituality page (Section 3) of the Lift Up Your Hearts site.

Women in Ministry Online

The Women in Ministry Online e-mail list is maintained at the Ecunet organization. To subscribe, proceed with the message "subscribe" using this [e-mail] link.

Other ELCA Lists

Information about ELCA lists is available by following this ELCA Listservs link.

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