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  • Distributed as a free email bulletin since September 2002
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  • Live links to the Internet make it easy to sample new ideas and resources
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raising a celebratory cup of coffee--Photo Barb Fast

September 2005

  • An electronic toolbox of timely information and resources recommended by the ELCIC
  • Distributed as a free email bulletin since September 2002
  • Sent to congregations, national committees, clergy and lay leaders
  • Live links to the Internet make it easy to sample new ideas and resources
  • Our Stories—A variety of short inspirational anecdotes about life in the ELCIC

Inside this bulletin:

ELCIC Trivia Challenge Question: How can you know which scriptures will be read in most ELCIC churches on any given Sunday?

WORSHIP (back to top)

The 2005-2008 Anglican/Lutheran Church Bulletin Series will feature the work of 4 Canadian Artists. The bulletins contain Gospel, Psalm and Lessons. Order at www.churchbulletins.ca, or call 1.877.842.4466. $11.95/100 includes shipping.

Worship Matters is a series of small books that study the central principles of worship, written for discussion groups, committees, forums or individual reflection. Each title in this series is available for $12.99. Call Augsburg Fortress Canada at 1.800.265.6397

ELCIC/ACC National Worship Conference: Making All Things New—July 12-15, 2006 in Regina. Brochures and other materials are available through your synod offices. Check at www.worship.ca for registration forms, etc.

"The Companion of the Worship Arts" recognizes individual talents and contributions to the worship life of the ELCIC. The Program Committee for Worship is seeking nominations for the 2006 award. The nomination form can be found at www.worship.ca or by calling National Office. Deadline is Dec 1, 2005.

MISSION IN THE WORLD (back to top)

PowerPoint Presentation: A photographic journal of the ELCIC's world mission program in recent years. Order your CD now from vim@elcic.ca or 1.888.786.6707 ext 164

STEWARDSHIP (back to top)

Generations of Generosity—new theme material that celebrates the stewardship of faith is available now. Your congregation received a sample pack in May. Information, resources and order form also at www.elcic.ca/steward/steward.html . Annual Report Covers will be ready in October.

YOUTH (back to top)

September 18 is the perfect Sunday to feature Mission Possible: Building Hope in your congregation. Resources for International Day of Prayer and Action at youth.elcic.ca/International/international.php [Is your September already busy? Use the resources on another Sunday.]

What is your youth group doing to support Mission Possible: Building Hope? Send your stories to bfast@elcic.ca. See youth.elcic.ca/nyp/2004-2006/index.php for news and resources.

COMMUNICATION (back to top)

We are in the process of an "extreme makeover" of the Communiqué webpages. Take some time to browse at www.elcic.ca/communique/index.html Let us know what you think and what you need.

Wondering what happened at our July Convention? Highlights, photos, reports, minutes and more are now posted at www.elcic.ca/convention/2005/index.html . Turn up your speakers and hear what some of our special guests had to say www.elcic.ca/convention/2005/guests.html Experience the Youth Assembly presentation through video clips at www.elcic.ca/convention/2005/youth.html . Visit soon and then share the news with your congregation.

ACROSS THE SYNODS (back to top)

Lifelong learning opportunities for leaders of the ELCIC, both ordained and laity: visit www.faithandwisdom.org—a cooperative project of seven North American Christian denominations that compiles events and programs throughout the world offered by distinguished and trustworthy organizations. Search by keyword, location, learning method and more.

Millennium Study of Pastoral Leadership Needs by Rev Dr. Kenneth C. Kuhn is now available in hardcopy ($25) or on CD ($10) from ELCIC National Office Orders Desk.

Becoming Human, a 16-page booklet from the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) is available to help study groups reflect on issues raised by biotechnology. www.ccc-cce.ca or 1.416.972.9494. [Individuals and congregations may also choose to receive the CCC periodic newsletter, news releases and a list of publications. 1.416.972.9494 ext 21 or admin@ccc-cce.ca]

LWF Sunday 2005 is October 31. Join with 66 million Lutherans to celebrate our mission and ministry in the world. Start your planning now.
See www.elca.org/lwf/lwf_sunday.html for stories, prayers litanies etc.

On the weekend of August 5, the College of Emmanuel and St Chad (ESC) vacated their buildings and moved into the Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) buildings on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan. Office space has been created on the first floor of the dormitory. Library space is provided in the former "games room" as well as on the top floor of the LTS library. The sacristy will be renovated to accommodate worship furnishings and equipment from ESC. For more information, contact: Dr Erwin Buck, Lutheran Theological Seminary 1.306.966.7863

NUGGETS FROM THE NET (back to top)

KAIROS has released a new report on poverty in Canada. Ending Poverty in Canada: From Political Advocacy to Social Transformation assesses the changing face of poverty in Canada, analyzes the cases of poverty, and calls for an approach to reducing and eliminating poverty that goes beyond government policy change and focuses on a rethinking of the values and priorities that underpin our lives. It also profiles the work of various anti-poverty groups across Canada. If you would like to receive a complimentary copy of this special issue, send your mailing address to orders@kairoscanada.org

Make Poverty History—October 17 Day Of Action is gaining steam: Over 135,000 Canadians have signed on to its call for more and better aid, trade justice, debt cancellation and an end to child poverty in Canada. On Oct 17 people across Canada will hold community events, such as wrapping local churches and community centres in white banners. We will all join together in calling for an increase to the Canada Child Tax Benefit and for a national poverty reduction strategy.
Find out more at www.makepovertyhistory.ca

The National Anti-Poverty Organization has put together an excellent and easy to facilitate 2 hour workshop on the issue of a living wage. Individuals, community and faith groups and organizations can use this resource to build public understanding and increase action for a minimum wage that is a "living wage" ($10 an hour or more).
The workshop materials can be downloaded at

A June ELCIC News Release featured the Micah Challenge, a dynamic new global initiative that equips Christians worldwide to grow in faith and awareness while taking action against global hunger and poverty. Ideas and tools are now available for a Micah Sunday worship service, Scripture-based resources for up to four weeks of study, action and spiritual growth with age-specific activities for children, youths and adults and engaging audio-visual presentations to motivate and inspire. ($10 donation) See details at www.micahchallenge.org/Canada/

Christian Education—The ELCA Program Planner called Led to Lead is now online. Explore the role of leadership within a call to discipleship. Program includes resources for recognizing and responding to the many roles children, youth and adults have been called and equipped to play as they are led to lead others to follow Jesus everyday. www.elca.org/christianeducation/programplanners/2005CEProgramPlanner/index.html

How does your congregation relate to families with children under 3 years of age? Consider Splash! from Augsburg Fortress. www.afcanada.com/learning/splash/

Wondering about campus ministry at Augustana?
Visit www.augustana.ca/student_services/campusministry

File too big for e-mail? Try YouSendIt. This amazing site opens new possibilities when you are trying to send a large attachment. And it is completely free! NOTE: you will need to be patient. A one megabyte (1MB) file can take 1-5 minutes to send depending on your connection speed. www.yousendit.com/

OUR STORIES (back to top)

Worship at National Convention was a celebration of the diversity of our "made in Canada" church. Opening Eucharist saw delegates carrying forward offerings from each of our synod areas—breads and wines, amethyst and canola oil, blueberries, maple syrup and sauerkraut, grains, potash and Saskatoon berry pie, tar sands oil, cow ear tags, gold and diamond and smoked salmon were but a few. The congregation was shocked to silence when a uniformed security guard approached the lectern to read the Gospel. A "bag lady" who, moments before had been on the steps of the church, brought forward the communion bread. (more on page 14 of the July/August Canada Lutheran) The wine was produced out of a brown bag stuffed into the backpack of a "squeegee kid". The congregation was sent with a call to be witnesses to the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria, as well as "Winnipeg, Montreal, Vancouver, on farms in Saskatchewan, the ranches of Alberta…to the Rockies, Niagara Falls, the North, Gaspé, Vancouver Island, the Bay of Fundy, in Halifax…throughout this land…and even to the end of the earth."

AND IN CONCLUSION… from Barb Fast (back to top)

It has been my pleasure to maintain the Communiqué in its present form since September 2002. Replacing that heavy mailed-out package of information that congregations used to receive with one page in Canada Lutheran and this e-newsletter was done with some trepidation. At that time, you were not all comfortable with email and the Internet. Could our congregational leaders access the information? Would they read it? Download it? Link to the Internet?…all legitimate questions. Thanks to your willingness to try the new technology, we have increased our readership and decreased expenses.

I have thoroughly enjoyed hunting down good resources to share with you. I thank those readers who have communicated their satisfaction, their problems and suggestions. I hope that you all agree that this "new" Communiqué has continued to be a useful tool of our church.

If you notice a gradual change in style in future Communiqués, that is because I now confidently "hand over" that responsibility to Trina Gallop, Manager of Communications for the ELCIC. I wanted to take advantage of this moment to say thanks—to you and to God—for allowing me this chance to combine gifts and vocation in such a meaningful way. God be with you.

Answer to Trivia Challenge—The Bible readings in most of our ELCIC churches on any given Sunday will be taken from the Lectionary—a list of scriptures that rotates through a three-year cycle. You can see this information in a number of places. On the ELCIC site, go to www.elcic.ca/parish/helps.html and choose "Sunday Readings". Or visit the ELCIC worship website www.worship.ca Choose "resources and helps" and then "ELCIC's Worship Planning Calendar".

Some of the resources mentioned are available from the ELCIC national office. If you prefer to order those materials in print, phone 1.888.786.6707 extension 177 or 204.984.9177; email orders@elcic.ca; or fax your order to 204.984.9185 "Attn Orders Desk". Be sure to fully describe the item and tell us the quantity you need. You will be invoiced when the order is filled.


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